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Our team of Christmas elves have been hard at work, scouring the internet for the best gifts for historical fiction readers this Christmas. We’ve grouped them into six categories: jigsaw puzzles, board games and card games, bookmarks, mugs, tote bags, and calendars. Check them out!

Jigsaw puzzles

1) The World of Shakespeare: 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Enter the world of Shakespeare: London in the time of England’s most famous playwright. From actors rehearsing at the Globe Theatre to tavern brawls and London’s summer fetes, piece together the characters and life of London during Shakespeare’s time.

2) The World of Sherlock Holmes: 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If Sherlock Holmes is more your cup of tea, check out this awesome puzzle of London in the time of the famous fictional detective. The puzzle features real historical figures and characters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels – watch out for Moriarty!

3) Historical Map of the World: 2000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’re a hardcore puzzler, or like maps – or both – this 2000 piece puzzle is for you. A beautiful historical world map just waiting to be put together!

4) Sails Set Jigsaw Puzzle: 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This gorgeous representation of an 18th century navy ship is perfect for any nautical history nerd. Beautiful colours and exquisite detail.

5) Road to Dunkirk: 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This is one for WW2 buffs. The evacuation of Dunkirk was one of the most celebrated feats of the war, saving the British Army from destruction. Recreate the scene with this fantastic 1000 piece puzzle.

Board games and card games

6) 221B Baker Street

This is an absolute gem, perfect for Sherlock Holmes fans, amateur sleuths, and anyone who loves a good mystery. You’ll need all your wits to piece together the clues and solve the cases before your fellow players get there first.

7) Marrying Mr. Darcy

If you love Jane Austen, this is the card game for you. Use your skills and cunning to marry well in this fun recreation of courtship from Pride and Prejudice.

8) Ex Libris – The game of first lines and last wordss

This is one for literary buffs and people who enjoy creative writing. Test your book knowledge and use your bluffing skills to win this fun card game.


9) Handmade leather bookmark – owl design

A pack of two genuine, handmade leather bookmarks with an owl design. These beautiful, premium bookmarks are ideal for keeping your place while reading.

10) Handmade leather bookmark – compass design

A pack of two genuine, handmade leather bookmarks with a compass design. These beautiful, premium bookmarks are ideal for keeping your place while reading.

11) Vintage Style Bookmarks, 30 pack

If you get through a lot of bookmarks, we have you covered. This pack of 30 bookmarks with vintage map designs is perfect for voracious historical fiction readers!

12) Vintage Style Bookmarks, 30 pack

More vintage style bookmarks with different designs. Another 30 pack for readers with lots of books on the go!


13) Jane Austen Coffee Mug

A mug featuring Jane Austen’s most famous quotes and depictions, from all your favourite Jane Austen books. It comes with a gift box, too!

14) Edgar Allan Poe Coffee Mug

A mug featuring Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous quotes and depictions. Also with a beautiful gift box.

15) Henry VIII Disappearing Coffee Mug

Macabre humour alert! Pour hot water in and watch Henry VIII’s wives disappear. Gift box included.

16) Last Lines of Literature Mug

Sometimes you want to relish in finishing a good book. This mug immortalises some famous last lines for you to remember while you sip your tea or coffee.


17) Alice in Wonderland Shopping Tote

For when you’re out and about shopping but want to add a touch of whimsy, this Alice in Wonderland tote fits the bill. The tote is covered in black and white illustrations of one of our favourite historical children’s books.


18) This Day in History 2021 Calendar

If next year, you want a daily reminder that it’s no longer 2020, this calendar will give it to you. The daily facts about history is just a delightful bonus.

19) Palace Prints Wall Calendar 2021

While we don’t always want to live like royalty, it is nice to live vicariously in their palaces. This calendar offers 12  historical scenes of the historic royal places to enjoy month-by-month.

20) Charles Dickens Wall Calendar 2021

If you’d rather be reminded monthly of the rich characters in a Dickensian world, there’s also this Charles Dickens calendar, complete with vivid illustrations from the British Library.

We hope you enjoyed our list of 20 of the best Christmas gifts for historical fiction readers. Merry Christmas!

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