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What is The History Quill Book Club?

The History Quill Book Club is a new pilot project of The History Quill, launched in December 2019. Our aim is to help historical fiction readers discover books they will love, and in so doing, promote the works of historical fiction authors to an enthusiastic, engaged audience.

Readers sign up to our email list to get book suggestions that are tailored according to the preferences they indicate. We have five main subgenre categories: action/adventure, mystery/thriller, drama, romance, and historical fantasy.

The first and second phases of the pilot project concluded at the end of February 2020 and August 2020 respectively and produced promising results, with most authors receiving sales as a result of their promotions. We have now entered the third phase of the pilot, which will last until the end of September 2021. This phase will focus on growing our email list in preparation for formally launching the book club as a promotional service. Participation during phase three is completely free for authors.

How to participate in phase three

Phase three is divided into four rounds: October–December 2020, January–March 2021, April–June 2021, and July–September 2021. We are now open for book submissions for October–December. If you would like to promote your historical fiction (or historical fantasy) book during this period, please use the form below to submit it for consideration. It can either be a book that has already been released, or it can be a book that is scheduled to be released during the October–December window.

All books submitted should be available for purchase from Amazon in digital form in both the UK and USA. We do not accept children’s historical fiction or erotic historical fiction. Your book does not have to be discounted to use this service – you can submit books at full price, so long as that price is realistic.

If you have previously submitted a book for a promotion, you’re very welcome to do so again, either for the same book or for a different one. However, there are time limits. We cannot run a promotion for the same book, or a book in the same series as a book you have previously submitted, more than once every six months. We cannot run a promotion for the same author more than once every three months. As long as you adhere to these guidelines, go ahead and submit!

The deadline for submissions is 22 September.

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