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A Borrowed Past

Juliette Lawson

Category: Romance

It’s 1875 in the seaside village of Seaton Carew in north-east England. Fourteen-year-old aspiring artist William Harper discovers a shocking family secret and runs away to York. He finds a way to pursue his dream, but then tragedy strikes and a new set of lies unravels. Can William uncover the truth and decide who to give his heart to?

It’s 1875 in Seaton Carew, a seaside village in north-east England. Fourteen-year-old William Harper dreams of being an artist but knows his strict Papa will never allow it. When he discovers a shocking family secret, he runs away to York. Penniless, he finds a job in a baker’s shop.

William’s search for his true identity is beset by doubts, and although he finds a way to paint, the pull of the past is strong, drawing him into a web of deceit. When tragedy strikes and a new set of lies unravels, William sets out to uncover the truth about those he loves. Who should he give his heart to and where does he truly belong?

Escape into William’s journey of discovery, love and loss in the first book of the Seaton Carew Sagas series. A Borrowed Past is a historical saga for anyone who’s ever felt that they don’t belong.

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