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A Comfortable Alliance

Catherine Kullmann

Category: Romance

When the Earl of Rastleigh discovers that a marriage based on affectionate companionship and mutual respect is only second-best, he must woo his wife again. Having gained Helena’s hand, can he win her heart? “A beautifully woven Regency love story that is rich with historical detail and unforgettable characters.” (Mary Anne Yarde, The Coffee Pot Book Club)

When Will, Earl of Rastleigh meets Helena Swift, he is intrigued by her composure, her kindness and her intelligence. As their friendship develops, he realises he has found his ideal wife, if only he can slip past her guard and overcome her well-known aversion to matrimony.

Tempted by the thought of children of her own, and encouraged by her mother to leave the shallows where she has lingered since her fiancé died of the wounds he received at Waterloo, Helena accepts Will’s offer of a marriage based not on dangerous love but affectionate companionship and mutual respect.

But is this enough? As Will gets to know his wife better, and the secrets of her past unfold, he realises that they have settled for second-best. Can he change the basis of their marriage? Will Helena risk her heart and dare to love again?

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