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A Conspiracy of Violence

Susanna Gregory

Category: Mystery/thriller

This is the first adventure for Thomas Chaloner, a reluctant spy in Restoration London who is unimpressed by his masters but needs the work, as his family were on the side of Cromwell. Join Chaloner as he investigates hidden gold at the Tower, and puts his life in danger when he discovers his predecessor was murdered…

The dour days of Cromwell are over.

Charles II is well established at White Hall Palace, and London seethes with new energy, but many of its inhabitants have lost their livelihoods. One is Thomas Chaloner, a reluctant spy for the feared Secretary of State, John Thurloe, returning from Holland in desperate need of employment.

His erstwhile boss recommends Thomas to Lord Clarendon, but in return demands that Chaloner keep him informed of any plot against him. What Chaloner discovers is that Thurloe had sent another ex-employee to White Hall and he is dead, supposedly murdered near the Thames.

Chaloner volunteers to investigate his killing: instead he is dispatched to the Tower to unearth the gold buried by the last Governor. He discovers not treasure, but evidence that greed and self-interest are uppermost in men’s minds whoever is in power, and that his life has no value to either side.

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