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A Contrary Wind: a variation on Mansfield Park

Lona Manning

Category: Romance

In this exciting variation on Mansfield Park, the lives and destinies of Jane Austen’s characters are deftly blended with the dramatic events of Regency England. Silver Medal, 2018 Wishing Shelf Awards. Silver Medal, 2018 Book Squirrel Awards. Volume I of the Mansfield Trilogy. “A Contrary Wind is well-written, keeping close to the style of Austen.” – Historical Novel Society

Fanny Price, niece to Sir Thomas Bertram of Mansfield Park, is an intelligent but timid girl from a poor family. But the cruelty of her aunt and the pain of watching the man she loves fall for the vivacious but cold-hearted Mary Crawford compel Fanny to run away and find employment as a governess.

Far away from everything she ever knew and the one man she loves, will Fanny grow in fortitude and independence? Will a new suitor heal her broken heart? Or will a reckless decision threaten to destroy her own life and the lives of those she holds most dear?

A Contrary Wind features the little-known story of the British crusade to abolish slavery. Regency England comes alive in this exciting variation of an Austen classic. There are some mature scenes.

“Many try to emulate Austen; not all succeed. Here, Manning triumphs.” – BlueInk Review Starred Review

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