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A Governess Should Never… Tempt a Prizefighter

Emily Windsor

Category: Romance

The lady and the prizefighter… With scandalous midnight carriage rides, tavern jaunts & dressing as a nefarious footpad, the vocation of governess has never been so exciting. A fun Regency romance with warmth and wit. ‘A story so beautiful and joyful… wonderfully written, with characters to love, root for, and sigh over. ★★★★★ TOP PICK’ (Roses are Blue, Romantic Fiction Reviews)

With a brutish guardian and a malodorous betrothed on her tail, Miss Matilda Griffin must seek employment, even if the only option is within the household of a rugged ex-prizefighter with sizeable muscles and doubtless minuscule intellect.

Yet one should never judge a prizefighter by his well-defined physique or a lady by her yellow silk slippers, for beneath both façades lay yearning hearts, shared dreams and a taste for adventure.

With scandalous kisses in midnight carriages, tavern jaunts and dressing as a nefarious footpad on the prowl, the vocation of governess has never been so exciting…

A fun, heart-warming stand-alone Regency romance.


Editorial Reviews:

“A story so beautiful and joyful, that I just want to read it over again… wonderfully written, with characters to love, root for, and sigh over.” ★★★★★ & TOP PICK (Roses are Blue, Romantic Fiction Reviews)

“A beautifully crafted and uplifting romance. …warm, witty and sensual and the hero and heroine, are just so perfect for each other.” ★★★★★ (Tina @ AReadersReview)

“Another masterpiece by Emily Windsor. …the vivid descriptions, fun settings, and little quirks made it a perfect book for me.” ★★★★★ (BooksEater Reviews)

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