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A Lady’s Revenge

Edie Cay

Winner of the Golden Leaf Best First Book Award, A Lady’s Revenge is a steamy Regency romance about women’s boxing. Lady Lydia is an earl’s daughter whose sights are set on revenge, and John Arthur is a former prizefighter who wants to give his little sister a better life. But when these two meet, nothing goes to plan.

Lady Lydia Somerset is an earl’s daughter. At the ripe age of twenty-five, she dances the dainty steps of the haute ton as if she were pursuing a husband; but her goals are far more personal. Pugilism, Regency England’s manliest pastime, is her only relief. Training in secret with a female boxer keeps her sane, but when her instructor is hired away by one of the men she is seeking to destroy, she is in a bind.

John Arthur was a street kid who dazzled with his fists, but now he dazzles as a miracle worker on the London Stock Exchange. John Arthur knows he shouldn’t tangle with bluebloods—he should be happy with a full belly and coin-filled pockets. But when he meets a woman who finds boxing as vital as he does, his life suddenly gets complicated.

Winner of the Golden Leaf Best First Book Award in 2020.

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