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A Light in the Dark Ages

Tim Walker

Category: Action/adventure
Five book series

A Light in the Dark Ages book series merges historical fact with speculation and legend in presenting a possible narrative of events in post-Roman Britain. It starts with ‘Abandoned’, set in the year 410, the last year of Roman occupation, and builds to a shining beacon of hope, King Arthur.

A Light in the Dark Ages series connects the end of Roman Britain to the earliest mentions of the warrior leader, King Arthur, in a speculative narrative of the lost period in British history.

Loosely built around Geoffrey of Monmouth’s timeline of fifth and early sixth century kings in his 1136 work, The History of the Kings of Britain, the series starts with Abandoned, set in the year 410, as the last Roman Governor departs from Londinium. Book two is Ambrosius: Last of the Romans; book three, Uther’s Destiny; book four, Arthur Dux Bellorum; and book five, Arthur Rex Brittonum.

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