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A Tomorrow Worth Living For

Todd McGee

In Occupied France, children fall asleep hungry, courage is as rare as laughter, and a boy with a pilfered Nazi rifle hidden in his barn prays for the chance to use it. A Tomorrow Worth Living For depicts how one family uses the strongest weapons of all—faith and hope—to overcome unimaginable horrors and achieve the unthinkable—tomorrow.

1940 – Like every frightened boy in France, Raoud dreads the arrival of the rampaging German Army. Rumors of fields drenched in blood, endless caravans of tanks and skies filled with airplanes spread through the French countryside.

On his twelfth birthday, a garrison of soldiers appears in Chivegny. Raoud’s father, the mayor, works to maintain an uneasy peace, but Papa cannot quell his desire to fight. Facing relentless German demands, he makes a drastic decision, which leads to his execution.

Without his father, life becomes meaningless—until Raoud finds a drunk Nazi passed out in the family barn. Seeing the soldier sprawled on the dusty floor awakens a rage he didn’t know existed. He steals his rifle, in spite of—or perhaps because of—the consequences.

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