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Blade of Albion

John Pilkington

Category: Mystery/thriller
Four book series box set

Martin Marbeck, the government’s best if most undisciplined spy or ‘intelligencer’, serves Secretary of State Sir Robert Cecil. In the turbulent last years of Elizabeth the First’s reign, he is sent on increasingly dangerous missions, untangling plots that threaten the very fabic of England – and his own life too. ‘A 17th century James Bond… gripping’ (Booklist, star review).

Book 1, Marbeck and the Double Dealer
England, 1600: Marbeck unmasks a double agent who is working for the Spanish. ‘Pilkington introduces an intriguing new hero in the dashing Marbeck’. (Kirkus Reviews)

Book 2, Marbeck and the King-in-Waiting
England, 1603: Marbeck thwarts a plot to seize the throne before King James can reach London to be crowned. ‘The fast-moving plot makes the prospect of more Marbeck books welcome’ (Publishers Weekly)

Book 3: Marbeck and the Privateers
1604. During peace negotiations with Spain, Marbeck battles corrupt noblemen who want to thwart the treaty for their own gains. ‘A brilliant and exceptional novel – 5 stars’ (NetGalley)

Book 4: Marbeck and the Gunpowder Plot
1605. Marbeck follows a tortuous trail to uncover the deadly plot against King and Council, leaving his own life in the balance. ‘Pilkington does a masterful job of meticulously grounding this novel in the actual historical events’ (Booklist)

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