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Blind Witness

Vicki Goldie

Category: Mystery/thriller

It is 1922, and Major Alasdair Charters and his aristocratic wife Melissa have been invited to a family house party in the New Forest, England. Alasdair is a blind WW1 veteran and former spy. Little do they anticipate they will soon be sleuthing for spies and a murderer. With the future of the family at stake, can they succeed?

Fourteen people sit down to dinner on Friday night; by the end of the weekend there are two murders, an attempted murder and a suicide.

Introducing book one in a series of wry murder mysteries and young sleuths The Hon Melissa and her blind WW1 veteran husband Major Alasdair Charters.

The pair collaborate using Melissa’s powers of observation and Alasdair’s old skills gained in the Secret Intelligence Service to investigate the events unfolding over the weekend. A murder mystery with a spy plot told from many different points of view in the tradition of Simon Brett, M C Beaton and Kerry Greenwood.


“A ‘spiffingly’ good murder mystery” (Eve Bonham, author)

“This is a wonderful, readable, exciting and highly desirable book!” (Northern Reader)

“It is so very difficult to get a niche in the market to make a book stand out from the rest and well Vicki Goldie seems to have done that” (Susan Hampson)

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