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Blood Queen

Joanna Courtney

Category: DramaRomance

Cold. Ruthless. Deadly. The myth of Lady Macbeth looms large. But behind the villainous portrait stands a real woman – an orphaned princess, homeless, alone and desperate to reclaim her family’s rightful throne. This is her story…

Scotland, 1020 AD. King Malcolm II lies on his deathbed, and the most powerful families make a violent claim for the Scottish throne…

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, a flushed and nervous Cora MacDuff waits to marry her sweetheart, Macbeth, and unite two great royal lines to exert their claim. But her dreams are stolen from her, and the night she was hoping for turns into a brutal slaughter. In order to reclaim the life she was promised, Cora must learn to use every weapon at her disposal – even those she loves.

The beginning of a brand new historical fiction series by the bestselling author of the Queens of Conquest series, this trilogy unearths the real women behind Shakespeare’s most infamous queens.

If you love Elizabeth Chadwick and Anne O’Brien, you will adore Joanna Courtney.

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