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Calamity Jane: How the West Began

Bryan Ney

Teen-aged Calamity Jane thinks that a prominent citizen is the mastermind behind all the robberies and murders in her frontier town. Can she convince the townsfolk and bring him to justice?

Teen-aged Calamity Jane is cast into the streets of her frontier town one cold night, due to the neglect of her parents. A kind family takes her in, and she makes friends with their son.

Calamity’s family still struggles, and she helps support them by working at the gambling tables. Things go from wild to wilder when the entire town pulls up stakes for new gold diggings, and robberies and murder become commonplace. Calamity catches wind that a prominent citizen is behind all of the chaos, but she is at a loss for who she can tell, for who would believe her?

The better class of citizens finally unite and bring one of the bad guys to trial, but it is headed to acquittal. Can Calamity sway the crowd?

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