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Clash of Empires – A Novel of The French and Indian War

Paul Bennett

Clash of Empires – A Novel of The French & Indian War. Follow the Mallory family as they participate in the events that changed 13 Colonies into a nation. “I thought Clash of Empires brings something new to Historical Fiction about this war. I have to say that I thought his characterization of a young Washington was amazing.” (Mary Anne Yarde)

In 1756, Britain and France are on a collision course for control of the North American continent that will turn into what can be described as the 1st world war, known as The Seven Year’s War in Europe and The French and Indian War in the colonies. 

The Mallory family uproots from eastern PA and moves to the western frontier and find themselves in the middle of the war. It is a tale of the three Mallory siblings, Daniel, Liza, and Liam and their involvement in the conflict; the emotional trauma of lost loved ones, the bravery they exhibit in battle situations.

The story focuses on historical events, such as the two expeditions to seize Fort Duquesne from the French and the fighting around Forts Carillon and William Henry and includes the historical characters George Washington, Generals Braddock, Forbes and Amherst.  The book also includes the event known as Pontiac’s Rebellion in which the protagonists play important roles. 

Clash of Empires is an exciting look at the precursor to the events of July 1776.

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