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David H. Millar

Category: Historical fantasy, Action/adventure
Five book series

Conall is a tale of the ancient Gaels. It is a story of a warlike people who were also famed for art, design, and music. The series is set in 400 B.C. Europe. Conall Mac Gabhann returns home from a hunting trip to find his family slaughtered. After a meeting with a mysterious Sidhe, Conall is on the path of retribution.

400 years before the birth of Christ, a naïve blacksmith’s apprentice, Conall Mac Gabhann, returns home from a hunting trip with his friends to find his parents and young sisters slaughtered, along with the rest of the small rural community. A meeting with the mysterious Sidhe, Mongfhionn, and a geis accepted, sets Conall on the path of retribution. The price is never to return to Ériu.

The books sweep through a broad geography beginning at the southern-most coast of Ériu (Ireland). From there the Gaels cross the bogs of mid-Ériu, and the massive earthworks and ditches of the Black Pig’s Dyke to the land of the Ulaid (Ulster) across the Ler Ériu (Irish Sea) to northern-Albu and clashes with the Cinn Péinteáilte (the Painted Ones). The epic journey continues south to the hillforts of Mai Dún (Maiden Castle) and Rinn-Campáil (Danebury) and then across the Muir nIocht (English Channel) to Aremorio (north-western France), the land of the Gauls (France), and the Great Sea (Mediterranean). The finale and conclusion of the series takes place at the historical Battle of Allia, where Rome was sacked by the Celts/Gauls.

There are five books in the Conall series:

Conall I: The Place of Blood (Ireland)
Conall II: The Raven’s Flight (Scotland)
Conall III: The Sisters (England)
Conall IV: A Brace of Eagles (France)
Conall V: Retribution (France/Italy)

The Conall series is a rousing adventure in the spirit of Ireland’s ancient legends. Conall is a journey of bloody battles, honour, treachery, tragedy, love, and high passions, an epic tale of vengeance and retribution, of courage and the frailty of body and spirit.

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