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Death and the Harlot

Georgina Clarke

Category: Mystery/thriller

When one of her customers is found murdered at the back of a tavern, prostitute Lizzie Hardwicke is the prime suspect. In order to clear her name, and with the magistrate’s men breathing down her neck, she must navigate the streets, taverns, bath houses, and brothels of Georgian London to discover the identity of the real killer.

1759: A wealthy merchant is found dead at the back of a tavern and suspicion falls upon Lizzie Hardwicke, a reluctant prostitute in one of Soho’s finest brothels. Desperate to prove her innocence, Lizzie turns detective. Her investigations take her through the streets, bath houses, taverns, and brothels of Georgian London, uncovering the tawdry secrets of wealthy suspects and learning to trust the observations of the street-dwellers as she goes.

Watching her every move is the taciturn magistrate’s man, William Davenport, who, like Lizzie, is burdened with his own difficult history. Together they form an uneasy alliance. As Lizzie draws closer to the answers, she realises that she must draw not only on her intelligence and instinct, but also her courage.

‘A gripping page-turner with a sassy and fabulously original heroine.’ (Annie Lyons)

‘From sumptuous depravity to brutal murder … Lizzie Hardwicke is razor sharp and brilliantly original.’ (Joe Heap)

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