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False Rumours

Danae Penn

Category: Mystery/thriller

Gascony 1483. Belina Lansac, young wife of a detective, learns that the Princes in the Tower are being chased by a murderer who has been ordered to kill them so that Richard III can be accused of their murder. Can Belina save them as they travel through her town? ‘Hugely enjoyable and engrossing story’ (Tracey Warr, Historical Novels Review)

In August 1483 two boys are inside the Tower of London, shut in there by their uncle, King Richard III, known for his kindness and justice.

Meanwhile, in faraway south-west France, Belina Lansac is selling medallions and statues to pilgrims visiting the cathedral in Condom, unaware that the fate of the two boys is in her hands. Belina’s husband William is the town’s detective and he has just been ordered to investigate the death of a poisoned pilgrim. Belina’s normal life vanishes as her husband leaves home on a secret mission. Now Belina must be the detective and work all alone without the protection of her husband.

She diligently investigates poisonous plants, food and drink but she is a reluctant and squeamish sleuth. So she welcomes the help and attention of Philippe Barvaux, her new neighbour, unaware that he is an unscrupulous and ambitious lawyer who had been ordered to kill the Princes in the Tower so that false rumours may be spread in England against Richard III.

Will the two princes survive? Will Belina manage to complete her investigation? Can she cope with all the malicious gossip? Will she be strong enough to overcome the hostility and scorn people have for her?


‘For lovers of history, this book will steep you in the society, politics, culture and environment of the fifteenth century of France and Britain. A rich, dense story of cunning machinations, set in a fully realised historical setting, brought to vivid life through the eyes of Belina’ (J J Marsh, Bookmuse)

‘Hugely enjoyable and engrossing story’ (Tracey Warr, Historical Novels Review)

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