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Forsaking All Other

Catherine Meyrick

Category: Romance

England 1585: a country on the brink of war. Bess Stoughton has a year to find a husband or face an arranged marriage. Edmund Wyard, about to join the English army in the Netherlands, is resisting family pressure to marry. For both of them, time is running out, but meeting each other might just change everything… “The best historical romance book I have read in this era.” (The Coffee Pot Book Club)

England 1585.

Bess Stoughton has discovered that her father is arranging for her to marry an elderly neighbour. Normally obedient Bess rebels and wrests from her father a year’s grace to find a husband more to her liking.

Edmund Wyard, a taciturn veteran of England’s campaign in Ireland, is attempting to ignore family pressure to find a suitable wife as he prepares to join the Earl of Leicester’s army in the Netherlands.

Although Bess and Edmund are drawn to each other, they are aware that they can have nothing more than friendship. Bess knows that Edmund’s wealth and family connections place him beyond her reach. And Edmund, with his well-honed sense of duty, has never considered that he could follow his own wishes.

With England on the brink of war and fear of Catholic plots pervading in every quarter, time is running out for both of them.

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