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In the Blink of an Eye

Ali Bacon

Category: Drama

In 1843, when Edinburgh artist David Octavius Hill meets brilliant photographer Robert Adamson, they form a perfect chemistry. But Hill is recently widowed, struggling to care for his daughter, burdened with a promise he made to the church. As men and women flock to his studio, the world is at his feet, but who can he turn to for love?

In 1843, Edinburgh artist David Octavius Hill is commissioned to paint the portraits of 400 ministers who have broken away from the Church of Scotland. Only when he meets Robert Adamson, an early master of the new and fickle art of photography, does this daunting task begin to look feasible.

Hill is soon bewitched by the art of light and shade. He and Adamson become the darlings of Edinburgh society, immortalising people and places with their subtle and artistic images.

In the Blink of an Eye is a record of Hills’ life and loves, revealed in the stories of those who sat for him or were affected by his iconic partnership with Adamson. Tender, tragic and sometimes humorous, these snapshots build a portrait of
a man who knew art and science, love and loss, friendship and photography.

‘Accomplished, beautiful and profoundly moving.’ (Catherine Czerkawska, author of The Jewel)

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