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Just Another Girl on the Road

S. Kensington

The lives of two soldiers and a free-spirited young woman become passionately entangled while working undercover behind enemy lines in WWII France. When France is liberated, the men receive orders for the Pacific. Refusing to be left behind, the young woman joins a small entertainment troupe and sets out on an arduous journey to find them.

Stranded behind enemy lines in 1944 France, eighteen-year-old Katrinka Badeau escapes German deserters with the help of an undercover Jedburgh operation. Katrinka joins the Jed team, led by Major Willoughby Nye, a man once employed on her father’s merchant ship. Her work throws her together with Sergeant Wolfe Farr, the team’s tough-talking radio operator. Amid the chaos of war, she and Wolfe begin a passion-tangled love affair. But Katrinka cannot accept Wolfe’s plans for the future. And her love for Nye, which has evolved from an adolescent crush to that of a young woman, still burns bright. With the liberation of France, both men are sent to the Far East. Refusing to be left behind, Katrinka joins a small entertainment troupe and sets out on an arduous journey to find them.

“…a fast-paced plot and romance within a historical setting. It grabs one’s attention from its very first words and never lets go.” (Kat Kennedy, US Review of Books)

“A stellar debut…Kensington combines multifaceted, unforgettable characters with strong, lyrical prose. The pacing of the novel never slows down despite the crucial details of the covert operations hefty on espionage plotting and blood-and-guts combat scenes…This deeply engrossing page-turner is the one not to be missed.” (The Prairies Book Review)

“An informed, imaginative tale that adds some romance to a well-researched war story.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“Difficult history, abuse, war and love combine in this emotional examination of the end of World War II…A deep, evocative read…inventive, finely-woven and captivating.” (James Hendicott for IndieReader)

“It’s only when you get to the end of this book and look back that you realise the tour de force of the plotting. It’s a masterpiece… The different threads of the story weave in and out, touching each other, sometimes explosively, sometimes poignantly.” (Sue Magee, The Bookbag)

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