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Lotharingia – Charlemagne’s Heir

Lara Byrne

Category: Drama, Romance

1062. Heiress to vast dominions and the most precious relics in Christendom, raised by a formidable mother, countess Matilde resents her fate of pawn in the marriage game. Against the intrigue-filled backdrop of the Investiture Controversy, she rebels against medieval strictures denying noblewomen the right to rule and love. Excommunication could be the price. Shortlisted for the Page Turner Awards.

A sweeping medieval drama – star-crossed love, power, Machiavellian intrigue, and relic hunting.

After the untimely deaths of her father and brother, Countess Matilde is the sole heir to Tuscany, but she is a woman. Despite being a descendant of Charlemagne and a trained warrior, the rules of the game are clear. She should marry, and her future husband will rule on her behalf.

Even her mother’s mysterious relics and diplomatic nous cannot change Rome’s mind about her betrothal to the duke of Lotharingia, a man who fills her with dread.

Determined to choose her path in life, Matilde enlists the support of powerful players, in Rome and beyond, leaving no stone unturned to secure her freedom to love and rule.

Across the Alps, Matilde’s overlord, King Heinrich of Germany, is coming of age, in a court rife with intrigue. His request to divorce sends shock waves through Christendom, and Rome, alarmed at the potential political consequences, decides that Matilde’s marriage can no longer wait.

When, after a chance meeting, Heinrich rescues Matilde from her abusive husband, friendship blossoms into forbidden love, a love with unexpected consequences.

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