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Magellan’s Navigator

Kenneth David Schultz

Endure a mutiny, scurvy, storms, and treacherous rajahs beside the canny Greek Francisco Albo as he pilots the sole ship of Magellan’s fleet to first circumnavigate the world.

It is 1519 and the Age of Exploration. Daring captains blaze new sea routes to the spice riches of Asia and the promise of wealth. With his five-ship armada, Ferdinand Magellan hopes to discover a westward route to the rich Spice Islands of the East Indies and hence succeed where Columbus failed.

Francisco Albo, a crafty Greek with a past to hide, enlists as first mate on Magellan’s flagship. A seasoned mariner, Albo signs on expecting possible shipwreck, storms, and even scurvy. What he doesn’t anticipate are treacherous rajahs, Magellan‘s religious fervor, and mutiny.

When Magellan dies in a senseless battle in the Philippines and a rajah murders most of the fleet’s officers, Albo realizes he must reach an uneasy alliance with a surviving mutineer to pilot the sole remaining ship half way around the world back to Spain.

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