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Not in America

Roberta Kagan

Category: Drama

1928, Upstate New York. The Jewish population of an entire town face danger when a young Jewish man is accused of a heinous crime based on a folktale called the blood libel.

USA Today bestselling author Roberta Kagan tells the story of a young Jewish man falsely accused of a crime.

The Schatzman’s lives are destroyed when their son is accused of a crime based on a folktale known as the blood libel. A witch hunt lead by the Klu Klux Klan ensues, forcing the Schatzmans to move to Manhattan.

As the Great Depression falls upon the city, Sam must find a way to earn a living. He joins the Jewish syndicate. All the while he dreams of the girl he left behind in Upstate New York and devises a plan to return to her. But what he doesn’t realize is that the love of his life may not be so far away.

Meanwhile, Goldie leaves her husband. She and her daughter, Alma, travel to Goldieā€™s parents’ home in Berlin on the eve of the Nazi’s rise to power.

Based on actual events.

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