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Pleasing Mr Pepys

Deborah H Swift

Category: Drama

Deb Willet, maid to Samuel Pepys, is recruited by ruthless spymistress Abigail Williams to spy on him for the Dutch. Embroiled in secrets and lies, Deb fights to survive in a world of increasing danger and deception. A gripping historical novel based on the real-life diaries of Samuel Pepys. ‘Laced with emotional intensity and drama’ (Readers’ Favorite)

Selling other people’s secrets is a dangerous game…

Orphaned Deb Willet is desperate to escape her domineering aunt and takes a position as companion to Elisabeth Pepys, Samuel’s wife. Deb believes it will give her the respectability and freedom she craves.

London is still in ruins from the Great Fire. Although Charles II has been restored to the throne, England is at war with the Dutch. Pepys’ knowledge of the Navy means that the Dutch are keen to get their hands on his secrets and especially his diary – even if it means murder, espionage and blackmail to get it.

Deb is soon recruited by ruthless spymistress Abigail Williams, and before she knows it, she is caught up in a web of danger and double-dealing.

‘Deb Willet is finally given centre-stage after 350 years, and her tale was worth waiting for. This is exceptional story-telling’ (L. C. Tyler)

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