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Eileen Joyce Donovan

Category: Drama

Not all victims of war lie on the battlefield. In award winning novel Promises, 13-year-old Lizzie and her brother Colin evacuate to Canada in 1940. Promised vacation outings disappear when they are placed with a couple who work them like slaves. Can Lizzie find a way to rescue them and keep her promise to her mum to protect Colin?

In Promises, winner of the Marie M Irvine 2019 Award for Literary Excellence, 13-year-old Lizzie and her 9-year-old brother Colin are on their way from England to Canada in 1940. Nightly German bombings convinced their mum to enroll them in a government evacuation program. They’re told this short holiday will be filled with trips to the Rocky Mountains, the chance to meet cowboys and Indians, and promises are made to return them to England when the war is over.

When their ship is endangered by storms and enemy U-boats, Lizzy’s doubts about this adventure begin. Arriving in Nova Scotia, they are placed with Mr. and Mrs. Harris, who work them like slaves – Colin as a hand on his lobster boat, and Lizzie as a servant victimized by Mrs. Harris’s abuses. Can she rescue Colin and herself from the Harrises? Will she keep her promise to her mum to protect him?

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