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Robin Hood and the Caliph’s Gold

Angus Donald

Robin Hood and his men take to the high seas in this latest instalment of the bestselling Outlaw Chronicles. This time, the Earl of Locksley, and his loyal lieutenant Alan Dale, accompanied by Little John and Hanno the Bavarian, are on the trail of a hoard of treasure belonging to a 12th-century Moorish potentate – the Caliph’s Gold.

Autumn 1191 and Robert, Earl of Locksley, also known as the notorious outlaw Robin Hood, and his loyal lieutenant Alan Dale, are returning home fresh from a victory in the Third Crusade. They decide to travel via the Mediterranean sea-route, despite the dangers of the imminent stormy season.

Disaster strikes and Robin and his men are shipwrecked on the rocky coast of Crete. They must persuade despotic local tyrants to help them, outwit brutal pirate chieftains, and outfight an entire Moorish army to gain a fabulous glittering prize and carry it safely home to England – the Caliph’s Gold.

Praise for The Outlaw Chronicles:

“A glorious, gritty, violent, fast-moving re-creation of a legend” – The Times (London)

“Joyous writing full of verve and control” – Conn Iggulden

“Excellent, well-researched and full of detail” – Ben Kane

“A master of adventure” – Robyn Young

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