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Roma Amor: A Novel of Caligula’s Rome

Sherry Christie

Category: Drama

Marcus Carinna, a Senator’s headstrong son, is ordered home from the legions to serve Caligula Caesar, once his brother’s closest friend. Hiding his illicit desire for Aurima, a vengeful Germanic hostage, he must fight to find out why his brother died—little knowing that the secrets he uncovers will threaten peace in Rome.

37 AD. Against all odds, young Caligula Caesar has become master of Rome. Charming, extravagant, and wildly popular, he tries to keep at bay a deep-rooted fear of betrayal.

Senator Titus Carinna, who helped him succeed to the throne, knows that a loyal friend might steady him. The Senator’s older son, groomed for the job, is dead. So headstrong Marcus is forced to return from his legion on the Danube frontier, escorting a beautiful Germanic hostage intent on revenge.

Despite Marcus’s determination to escape his father’s shadow, duty compels him to obey. But how can he forget his brother’s suicide, or forgive Caligula, his brother’s closest friend, who made no attempt to save his life?

In this outstanding portrayal of loyalty, honor, and hidden desire, Marcus must grapple with a web of lies, treachery, and vengeance that will force him to choose between duty and love—between Roma and Amor.

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