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Struck With the Dart of Love

Sandra Vasoli

Category: Drama, Romance

Henry VIII once wrote to Anne Boleyn: “It is absolutely necessary for me to obtain an answer, having been for above a whole year stricken with the dart of love.” Did Anne ever feel that way about the King? Or did she bewitch him, scheming for the Crown? This intimate and compelling novel reveals the answer: it is Anne’s truth.

King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn are the central players in what is perhaps one of the world’s most fascinating love stories. In this exquisite reimagining, told from the point of view of Anne herself, readers will finally gain insight into what went on in her head, her bed, and her heart.

The first of two volumes, Dart of Love follows the lovers from their meeting in a hunting field and unfolds in glorious detail as their romance blossoms. Readers will come to appreciate Anne‘s biting wit, her keen intelligence, how her upbringing in the 16th-century courts of France and Austria molded her world views, and her passion for change within the English church.

This meticulously researched novel gives voice to a woman who is often misunderstood – a woman whose existence changed the course of England and its history forever.

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