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Ruadh Butler

A disgraced knight, an exiled king. Together they will cross the sea to conquer a kingdom. Together they will change history. Swordland is the story of Robert FitzStephen and Diarmait Mac Murchada and the most tumultuous time in Irish history, the 12th century invasion by bands of ambitious Norman knights. “Swordland comes thundering off the page like … a Norman warhorse charging at the enemy; cutting a swathe of fresh, energetic and adventurous Historical Fiction storytelling” – Speesh Reads review

Robert FitzStephen is a down on his luck Norman knight in 12th century Wales.

Arrogant, cold, but brilliant, FitzStephen is ambitious for conquest, to show that he is the equal of his fathers, the men who won at Hastings and took England. But when a Welsh rebellion brings about a crippling siege, his highborn comrades betray him to the enemy. Disgraced by defeat and imprisoned, FitzStephen is seemingly doomed to a life of obscurity and shame.

Then King Diarmait arrives.

Diarmait is the ruler of an Irish kingdom. Forced to flee his home by the High King, he seeks to reclaim his lands by any means possible and that includes inviting the Normans into unconquered Ireland.

With nothing left to lose and perhaps a great deal to gain, FitzStephen agrees to lead the Irishman’s armies, to drive Diarmait’s enemies from Leinster. His price? Land, wealth and position … but perhaps more important is the recovery of a legacy.

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