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The Antonius Trilogy

Brook Allen

Category: Drama

Three book series

For two-thousand years, Marc Antony has been one of history’s most controversial men. His story was buried with him and written by his enemies. He became a man torn between two countries–fated to become the catalyst transforming Rome from Republic to Empire. Now his entire saga is revealed in an award-winning trilogy by Brook Allen.

Son of Rome
After young Marcus Antonius’s father dies in disgrace, he yearns to restore his family’s honor during the final days of Rome’s dying Republic. Marcus is rugged, handsome, and owns abundant military talent, but upon entering manhood, he falls prey to the excesses of a violent society. His whoring, gambling, and drinking eventually reap dire consequences. Through a series of personal tragedies, Marcus must come into his own through blood, blades, and death. Once he finally earns a military commission, he faces an uphill battle to earn the respect and admiration of soldiers, proconsuls, and kings. Desperate to redeem his name and carve a legacy for himself, he refuses to let warring rebels, scheming politicians, or even an alluring young Egyptian princess stand in his way.


“A suspenseful, insightful, and beautifully written story” (Margaret George, NYT Bestselling Author of The Memoirs of Cleopatra)

“… a thoroughly engaging story.” (Griff Hosker, author of the Sword of Cartimandua)


Second in Command
After proving himself as a formidable cavalry commander, Marcus Antonius finally earns a position at his kinsman Julius Caesar’s side. However, Caesar is an exacting general, demanding complete allegiance from his staff, even when his decisions put him at odds with the Senate. Marcus’s loyalty to Caesar comes at a cost, and he soon finds himself embroiled in mob violence and military mutinies. As civil war brings Rome’s Republic crashing down, many a relationship is torn asunder, including Marcus’s marriage. Determined to rise triumphant in Rome’s new era, Marcus faces his fears, his failures, and his enemies—not the least of whom is himself.

Amid the crisis of the Ides of March, Marcus must don the mantle of ruthlessness to carve his own legacy in Rome’s history. Enemies have been made, wills have been read, and heirs proclaimed.

But in Rome’s civil unrest, blood answers only to blood.


“A wonderful addition to the pantheon of literature featuring the always fascinating Marc Antony. An exciting read!” (Michelle Moran, International bestselling author of Cleopatra’s Daughter)

“… a worthy addition to any Roman bookshelf.” (The Historical Novel Society)


Soldier of Fate
Marcus Antonius has it all—power, prestige, and a heroic military reputation among his countrymen. But as master of Rome’s eastern provinces and kingdoms, he must maintain peace, and in so doing, sacrifices his own happiness, yoked within a loveless marriage and an eroding alliance. As his colleague Octavian’s star rises, Marcus must compete with his rival’s success, though it leads to an embittered struggle threatening to end their unity.

Once Marcus finally takes matters into his own hands, his fate becomes tied to the east—far from Rome and his seat of power, to a horrific campaign that will forever alter him, and to the love of Egypt’s Queen. He is a man torn between two countries and two families, and ultimately—a soldier fated to be the catalyst transforming Rome from Republic to Empire.


“A masterpiece of historical writing in the best traditions of Mary Renault and M.C. Scott.” (Griff Hosker, Author of the Sword of Cartimandua Series)

“… emotionally engaging and exceptional in detail.” (Reader’s Favorite Book Reviewers)

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