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The Beltane Choice

Nancy Jardine

AD 71, Northern Roman Britain. Lorcan of the Brigantes seeks unity of the northern Iron-Age tribes when Ancient Roman legions invade Brigantia – though reaching agreement with the Selgovae tribe means impossible stipulations. When battle at Whorl becomes inescapable, can Nara of the Selgovae make a Beltane choice?

AD 71, Northern Roman Britain. Nara of the Selgovae tribe is stunned when her previously mapped-out future takes a new direction. She is forced to leave the only home she knows and must forge a new lifestyle for herself.

The Rites of the Beltane Festival loom but being captured by Lorcan of Garrigill, an enemy of the Brigante tribe, thwarts her plans. Time is running out for the secret quest that she must not fail to complete.

When legions of the Roman Empire relentlessly march northwards and threaten the lives and culture of the people of the north, Lorcan uses Nara to bargain with the Selgovae, believing unity of the tribes will mean strength in battle. Callan of the Selgovae agrees but sets impossible stipulations. Battle at Whorl – Iron Age tribes against the Romans –– is inevitable.

Will Nara have her Beltane Choice?

The adventures of the Garrigill Clan begin…

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