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The Black Madonna

Stella Riley

By July 1639, England is a cauldron of discontent. Enter Luciano del Santi; master-goldsmith and money-lender … on a quest for truth and revenge. While her father sits in the Commons, Kate Maxwell vows to hold their home against Cavalier and Roundhead both – but can’t guard her heart against the darkly intriguing Italian.

As England slides into Civil War, master-goldsmith and money-lender, Luciano Falcieri del Santi embarks on his own hidden agenda.

A chance meeting results in an unlikely friendship with Member of Parliament, Richard Maxwell. Richard’s daughter, Kate soon finds herself fighting an involuntary attraction to the clever, magnetic and diabolically beautiful Italian.

Hampered by the warring English, his quest itself growing daily more dangerous, Luciano realises that his life and that of everyone close to him rests on the knife-edge of success … for only success will permit him to reclaim the Black Madonna and offer his heart to the girl he loves.

From the machinations within Parliament to the last days of the King’s cause, The Black Madonna is an epic saga of passion and intrigue at a time when England was lost in a dark and bloody conflict.

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