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The Chosen Man

J.G. Harlond

‘The Chosen Man Trilogy’, Book 1. 1635, in tulipmania Holland, charismatic rogue Ludo da Portovenere endeavours to fulfil a highly secret Vatican commission on his own terms. But as he nears success, Ludo must confront secrets of his own, and an implacable assassin who is pursuing him for very private reasons. Readers’ Favorite 5* & a Discovered Diamond award.

1635: Ludovico da Portovenere, one-time pirate, now a charismatic merchant, is on his way from Constantinople to Amsterdam. His voyage is interrupted, first by a timid priest with a message from Rome, then by a storm, and then a pirate raid. Each event significantly affects Ludo’s plans and the people involved in his life and business.

Intrigued and amused, Ludo accepts the Vatican commission – it has the potential for vast profit. The storm brings him a quick-witted young admirer he uses as a spy. The pirate raid brings him a girl – Alina, who won’t go home. She is an encumbrance so Ludo sells her to an English nobleman in Plymouth and sails on, never dreaming she’ll one day save his life.

Secret agents, skulduggery, crime and romance . . . J.G. Harlond writes 5* historical crime stories weaving fictional characters into real events.

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