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The Constant Queen

Joanna Courtney

Category: Romance, Drama

A sweeping historical romance, looking at the events leading up to 1066 though the eyes of Russian princess Elizaveta of Kiev. Wife of the great viking Harald Hardrada, she sailed to England with the man she loved, hoping to be made queen…

‘You need not take England without me, Hari, because I will be your constant queen – there with you; there for you.’

Elizaveta is Princess of Kiev but that doesn’t stop her chasing adventure. Defying conventions, she rides the rapids of the Dnieper with her royal brothers and longs to rule in her own right as queen. But she meets her match when the fiery Viking, Harald Hardrada, comes to her father’s court.

Theirs is a fierce romance that binds them together as they travel across vast seas to Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway. They secure great power until finally, in 1066, they plot to sail on England. Can the greatest warrior in Europe and his fiery queen take the most prized of all the throne or will this, their greatest adventure, finally end in disaster?

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