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The Dragon Run

Raphael Relat

In 1938, French pilot Yann Vatel is recruited by the British Secret Intelligence Service to ferry a scientist from Stockholm to London before his discoveries can be tapped by German intelligence. With hostile forces on their heels and war brewing, will they manage to fly to safety in time?

Yann Vatel has worked for the British Secret Intelligence Service in the past, but the consequences weigh on his conscience. When two SIS agents approach him again with a new mission that could prevent a terrible discovery from falling into the wrong hands, he sees it as an opportunity to quiet these old demons, and possibly prevent a war. But it’s a long way from Kenya to Stockholm, and Professor Hashimoto’s discoveries caught the attention of other services… From Istanbul to Bucharest, and eventually to London, Yann must now call old friends and form new alliances to defend the lives of his passengers and his own against a formidable and relentless enemy.

“The Dragon Run” is the first book of the Ascalon Circle series. A love letter to the golden age of aviation, the book calls back to pulpy action-adventures in the vein of Corto Maltese and Bob Morane.

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