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The Duchess of Gracechurch Trilogy

Catherine Kullmann

Category: Romance

The Duchess of Gracechurch Trilogy celebrates family, friendship and love. Delve into the Regency world with these thrilling and tender stories of love, heartbreak and second chances. “The Duchess of Gracechurch Trilogy Box Set would make a wonderful gift for those who love the romance of the Regency era. Perfect romantic escapism. Highly Recommended.” (The Coffee Pot Book Club)

Book One: The Murmur of Masks

Desperately in need of security, following the sudden death of her mother and unaware that his affections are elsewhere engaged, a distraught Olivia agrees to a marriage of convenience to Jack Rembleton. When she meets Luke Fitzmaurice at a ball given by the Duchess of Gracechurch, Luke is instantly smitten but Olivia cannot respond. An unexpected encounter at a masquerade ten years later leads to a second chance at love. But Napoleon escapes from Elba and Luke joins Wellington’s army in Brussels. Will war once again dash Olivia’s hopes of happiness?

Book 2: Perception & Illusion

Cast out by her father for refusing the suitor of his choice, Lallie Grey, accepts Hugo Tamrisk’s proposal, confident that he loves her as she loves him. But Hugo’s past throws long shadows as does his recent liaison with Sabina Albright. All too soon the newly-weds are caught up in a comedy of errors that threatens their future happiness. When a perfect storm of confusion and misunderstanding leads to a devastating quarrel with her husband, Lallie feels she has no choice but to leave him. Can Hugo win her back? Will there be a second, real happy end for them?

Book 3: The Duke’s Regret

A chance meeting with a bereaved father makes Jeffrey, Duke of Gracechurch realise how hollow his own marriage and family life are. Persuaded to marry at a young age, he and his Duchess, Flora, live largely separate lives. Now he is determined to make amends to his wife and children and forge new relationships with them. Flora does not know how to respond to her husband’s suggestion. Can Jeffrey break down the barriers between them and convince her that his change of heart is sincere? Flora must decide if she will hazard her heart and her hard won peace of mind for a prize of undreamt of happiness.

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