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The Flame Within

Liz Harris

Category: DramaRomance

The Flame Within, a saga set between the wars, tells of a family simmering with secrets, lies and betrayal. Alice Linford returns to London to win back her husband, a man she still loves but, through her stupidity, has lost. Will she succeed?

London, 1923

Alice Linford stands on the pavement, staring up at the large Victorian house—the house that is to be her new home.

But it isn’t her house. It belongs to a Mrs Violet Osborne. A woman who was no more than a name at the end of an advertisement for a companion that had caught her eye three weeks earlier.

More precisely, it wasn’t Mrs Osborne’s name that had attracted her—it was that Mrs Osborne lived in Belsize Park, a short distance only from Kentish Town. Kentish Town, where Alice had lived when she’d been Mrs Thomas Linford.

Thomas Linford—the man she still loves, but through her stupidity, has lost. The man for whom she’s left the small Lancashire town where she was born and come to London again. The man she’s determined to fight for.

Although part of a series, The Flame Within is a standalone novel and is complete in itself.


Harris deftly interweaves many social issues of the day, including how wartime trauma can affect a marriage, legal issues affecting women, and the difficulties of crossing class lines. Alice is a sympathetic heroine who makes realistic choices for a woman in her position. Without giving spoilers, the conclusion is very satisfying.” (Historical Novel Society)

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