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The Henrietta and Inspector Howard series

Michelle Cox

Category: Mystery/thriller, Romance
Five book series

“Downton Abbey meets Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.” A mismatched couple, Henrietta and Clive, attempt to navigate Chicago in the 1930s in an attempt to solve crime while tending to their roles as part of the North Shore gilded set. “Henrietta and Clive are a sexy, endearing, and downright fun pair of sleuths.” (Library Journal, starred review)

Winner of over 50 international awards and praised by Library Journal, Booklist, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, Redbook, USA Today, Elle, Popsugar, Buzzfeed, Brit&Co, Culturalist, Paperback Paris, Audiofile Magazine, and many others.

The Henrietta and Inspector Howard series, set in the 1930s Chicago, takes a deep dive into an era in American history that is often overlooked—the time between the two World Wars—examining a world still reeling from not only the Great War, but the effects of the Great Depression, as well. Despite its somewhat light-hearted mysteries and the evolving romances between characters, the series is solid historical fiction, taking a closer look at some of the more pertinent issues of the day—disproportionate wealth; the plight of all women, regardless of their place in society; homosexuality; rampant crime; diminishing social mores and the general crumbling away of the “old order.” Rich in imagery and scintillating dialogue, the series weaves together the story of the wealthy Howards and the impoverished Von Harmons, two families reluctantly thrown together through the chance meeting of the lovely Henrietta Von Harmon and the aloof Inspector Clive Howard.

Henrietta and Inspector Howard are the best pair of sleuths I’ve come across in ages. A fantastic start to what is sure to be a long running series.” (Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author)

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