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The Heretics’ Revenge

Martin Barrett

Steve Jackson uses hidden 1930s notes to hunt down the long-forgotten Cathar heretics’ relic. A discovery that will rock the Church and present a major dilemma for Rome. After 750 years The Heretics’ Revenge has finally arrived. A rich mix of true historical background and modern-day pace and mystery leading to a highly controversial conclusion.

Persecuted to death, the 13th Century Cathar heretics bury their relic before being burnt alive. Louis IX eagerly seeks the Cathar Grail and years later Otto Rahn devotes his life to finding the relic. In 1939, whilst working for the Nazis, Rahn commits suicide. However, not before he leaves his notes to the location of the Cathar cache with his niece.

This true story provides an incredible background for the fictional search for the Cathar Grail by Steve Jackson and girlfriend Manon. Can they locate Rahn’s long lost notes and use them to find the Grail? And what exactly might it be?

This well researched historical story is taken to its ultimate fictional conclusion that will rock religion and present a major dilemma for the Catholic Church and provide The Heretics’ Revenge.

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