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The House at Zaronza

Vanessa Couchman

Category: Romance

A dual-timeline novel based on a true story. Hidden letters found after more than a century reveal a tale of star-crossed lovers against the backdrop of the rugged mountains of Corsica and the trenches of World War I. “Vanessa Couchman writes with intelligence and skill” (Historical Novels Review)

Two women divided by a century. A tragic story buried for four generations. A quest to unravel the past.

Corsica, 2010.
The death of Rachel’s mother leaves unsolved questions about her ancestors. Will Rachel find the answers she desperately seeks on the island of Corsica, where her grandmother was born?

Corsica, 1900s.
In a remote Corsican village, a bundle of hidden letters from the 1900s comes to light more than a hundred years later. The tale unfolds of a passionate love affair between the village school master and Maria, the daughter of a wealthy family. But Maria’s parents have other plans for her future.

Must Maria see her dreams crumble, or can she escape her destiny? And does she hold the key to the enigma of Rachel’s ancestors?

“An emotional, absorbing and powerful read…Vanessa Couchman will be an author to watch…” (Discovering Diamonds)

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