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The Incendium Plot

A D Swanston

Category: Mystery/thriller

1572 – a time of conflict and fear. The Earl of Leicester’s chief intelligencer, Christopher Radcliff, must unravel a mystery. There is a plot to assassinate the queen, but how and by whom? As the action moves between London and Paris, Whitehall Palace and Cheapside brothels, Radcliff must find answers before it is too late.

England in 1572 is on the brink. Heresy and religious unrest simmer beneath the surface. And the execution of the queen’s cousin, the Duke of Norfolk for treason suggests that divisions run deep. As Leicester’s chief intelligencer, Dr Christopher Radcliff must investigate treachery at home and the ever-present papist threat from abroad.

A whisper reaches him of a new plot against the queen. But all he and his network of agents and informers have to go on is a solitary word: Incendium

What does it mean, and who lies behind it? Radcliff must find the answers before it is too late . . .

“Lawyer Christopher Radcliff is an erudite outsider with an unusual past, who turns state spy in this colourful and gripping historical novel.” (i-newspaper)

“Swanston clearly knows the period well and Radcliff is an engaging hero.” (Antonia Senior, The Times)

“Beautifully done. All the sights, sounds and smells of Elizabethan England are there, along with an intriguing range of characters . . . Radcliff is clearly destined to appear in future books, and I think he’s likely to gain some loyal fans.” (Historical Novels Review)

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