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The Knox Trilogy

Marie Macpherson

Category: Drama

Conflict, Chaos and Corruption in Reformation Scotland. This thrilling historical fiction trilogy unravels the turbulent life of the fiery Scottish reformer, John Knox. ‘This is no dour Calvinist slog but a page turner from beginning to end.’ (Scottish Field)

The First Blast of the Trumpet

The First Blast of the Trumpet opens on Hallowe’en 1511 at Hailes Castle. The young Elisabeth Hepburn, who longs to marry her lover, is being forced to become a nun at St Mary’s Abbey. Her fate is strongly entwined with that of Knox and, as his godmother, the prioress proves to be an influential figure in his life. As the narrative unfolds, we follow Knox from his humble beginnings, to his education at St Andrews University, rife with reformist ideas and his years serving as a Roman Catholic priest. The First Blast ends with the signing of the Treaty of Haddington which betrothed the 5-year-old Mary Queen of Scots to the Dauphin of France. She sails off in a galley, rowed by the imprisoned galley slave, John Knox.

The Second Blast of the Trumpet

The Second Blast of the Trumpet begins in 1559 with Knox’s release from a 19- month sentence in the galleys from which he wasn’t expected to survive. His experience has fired him up with a mission to strike at the roots of papistry in Scotland. However, exiled from his own land, he is welcomed in Protestant England where he becomes chaplain to the young king, Edward VI in London. With Edward’s untimely death and the accession of the Catholic Mary Tudor, Knox is forced to flee her fires of persecution.

The Last Blast of the Trumpet

The Last Blast of the Trumpet begins in 1559 when Knox returns to a Scotland on the brink of civil war. With the death of Catholic Regent Mary of Guise, the victorious Knox is confident of his place leading the reform until the charismatic young widow, Mary Queen of Scots returns to claim her throne. She challenges his position and initiates a ferocious battle of wills as they strive to win the hearts and minds of the Scots. But the treachery and jealousy that surrounds them both as they make critical choices in their public and private lives has dangerous consequences that neither of them can imagine.

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