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The Lady Carey

Anne R Bailey

Category: Drama, Romance

Catherine has seen her aunt Anne Boleyn die. Now she might see another queen suffer the same fate. The Tudor Court is dangerous, can she survive?

The King will decide what is treason…”

These are words Catherine Carey has heard before, and they’ve always led to the block. As a girl, she saw her aunt, Anne Boleyn, go to the scaffold. Now she might see yet another Queen suffer the same fate. She has to decide. To serve her mistress would be treason, to abandon her would mean the doom of a good lady. She knows her duty is to serve her family, but what about her heart and her conscience?

She might want a peaceful life in the country but when you are part of the great Howard family, the illegitimate daughter of the King, and cousin to the future Queen of England, there is no place for you but court.

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