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The Lily and the Lion

Catherine A Wilson and Catherine T Wilson

Category: Romance, Drama

1360 – a time of powerful alliances, deadly plots and royal secrets. Separated in infancy and raised on opposite sides in war-torn England and France, sisters Catherine and Cécile must place their trust in the knights assigned to protect them in order to unravel their mystery. “A rich and intricately woven award-winning medieval tale shimmering with suspense and romance. One of our favourites!” – Chanticleer Reviews US

The Lily and the Lion is the story of Catherine and Cécile; sisters separated as infants and raised on opposite sides in fourteenth century war-torn England and France.

Cécile d’Armagnac is the beautiful daughter of a Gascon lord, destined for a French royal marriage. When her betrothal is broken she learns of her sister, Catherine Pembroke, a pious novice at Denny Abbey, Cambridgeshire. Cécile’s letter to her sister is intercepted by William Montagu, the malicious Earl of Salisbury, who has waited many years to exact his own personal revenge.

Both girls are torn from their familiar worlds and must rely upon the knights assigned to their protection. Their journeys lead them on a path of discovery; not only to their true identity, but to love, honour and a place in each other’s hearts.

This is the first book in the multi award-winning series, Lions and Lilies.

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