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The Lost Mother

Catherine Hokin

Category: Drama

Berlin, 1934. Anna Tiegel’s impulsive act to save her friend from Reich Minister Goebbels’ attentions puts Anna in terrible danger. Rhode Island, 1957. Peggy Bailey holds a photograph given to her by her dying adoptive mother and recognises one of the girls in it. The mission she undertakes to find the truth behind her heritage uncovers a tragic story.

Berlin, 1934. As the Nazi party’s grip on the city tightens, actress Anna Tiegel’s beautiful best friend catches Reich Minister Goebbels’ attention and her impulsive act to save Marika brings Anna under his unforgiving scrutiny. First, she loses her job, then slowly, mercilessly, she finds her life stripped away.

Rhode Island, 1957. Peggy Bailey stares in shock at the faded photograph of two women which her adoptive mother passed on to her before she died, realising that she has seen one of the girls before, in the most unlikely of places… She embarks on a mission which takes her across America to find the truth behind her heritage. Nothing, however, could prepare her for the tragic story her actions uncover…

Netgalley reviews:

‘One of the best historical fiction/WWII books I’ve had the pleasure of reading.’

‘Haunting. Gut wrenching… I feel like I have been on an emotional rollercoaster’.

‘A richly rewarding novel.’

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