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The Marstone Series

Jayne Davis

Category: Romance
Four book series

A duelling viscount, a courageous poor relation and an overbearing lord. Just a few of the memorable cast of characters you will meet in The Marstone Series. From windswept Devonshire, to Georgian London and revolutionary France, true love is always on the horizon and shady dealings often afoot. Get ready to be swept away by your new favourite series.

A duelling viscount, a courageous poor relation and an overbearing lord. Just a few of the memorable cast of characters you will meet in The Marstone Series. Each book can be read as a standalone story, but readers of the series will enjoy meeting characters from previous books.

Book one: Sauce for the Gander

A duel. An ultimatum. An arranged marriage.

England, 1777. Will, Viscount Wingrave, whiles away his time gambling and bedding married women, thwarted in his wish to serve his country by his controlling father.

News that his errant son has fought a duel with a jealous husband is the last straw for the Earl of Marstone. He decrees that Will must marry. The earl’s eye lights upon Connie Charters, unpaid housekeeper and drudge for a poor but socially ambitious father who cares only for the advantage her marriage could bring him.

Will and Connie meet for the first time at the altar. But Connie wants a husband who will love and respect her, not a womaniser and a gambler.

Their new home, on the wild coast of Devonshire, conceals dangerous secrets that threaten them and the nation. Can Will and Connie overcome the forces against them and forge a happy life together?

Book two: A Suitable Match

England 1782. Lady Isabella has been kept on a tight rein by Lord Marstone, her overbearing father. She’s excited when he packs her off to London to make an advantageous match, confident her brother will preserve her from an unsuitable alliance. But when her brother is called away on vital business, he asks Nick Carterton to stand in for him.

Nick, a scholar who relishes the quiet life, has avoided marriage for years but is finally giving in to his father’s request that he seek out a bride. Looking out for a young miss new to society is the last thing he’d choose to do.

Will Nick’s attempts to help merely reinforce Isabella’s resentment at having her life arranged for her? Can Nick keep the headstrong Isabella out of trouble, put off unsuitable suitors, and still find himself a wife?

Book three: Playing with Fire

France 1793. Phoebe’s future holds little more than the prospect of a tedious season of balls and routs, forever in the shadow of her glamorous cousin and under the critical eye of her shrewish aunt. She yearns for a useful life, and a love match like her parents’, if such a thing could ever be possible for an unwanted, poor relation. But first she has to endure the hazards of a return home through revolutionary France — a nation suddenly at war with the English. Her aunt’s imperious insensitivity soon arouses a suspicion that quickly develops into mortal danger. Can a stranger encountered on the road prove to be their unlikely salvation?

Alex uses many names, and is used to working alone. A small act of kindness leads him to assist Phoebe’s party, even though it might come at the expense of his own, vital mission in France. Ignoring his own peril, he is willing to risk all in the hope of getting them safely back to England. Unexpectedly, as he and Phoebe face many dangers together, he finds his affections growing towards the resourceful and quick-witted red-head, despite their hopeless social differences.

Even if they escape France alive, many troubles may still lie ahead.

Book four: The Fourth Marchioness

England, 1794. James, Marquess of Harlford, wants nothing more than to be left alone with his scientific research. Unfortunately his mother is determined to see him married and with an heir to secure the succession. Faced with a house party of young women his mother has chosen as suitable candidates, he finds himself drawn towards the least likely – and most thoroughly unsuitable – of the guests. Mama will be livid.

For Alice Bryant, an out-of-work governess, taking up a position as a lady’s companion would be just what she needs—if that was all the post entailed. Espionage, no matter how righteous the cause, sits ill on her conscience. Although Alice does not wish to believe that the seemingly honourable Lord Harlford is capable of treason, she must find out if he really is selling secrets to the enemy.
Can love prosper, or will deceit and subterfuge carry the day?

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