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The Ramage Hawk

John Pilkington

Category: Mystery/thriller

Summer, 1590. In the communities on the vast wilderness of Salisbury Plain, villagers toil to get the harvest in, unaware that a murderer has come among them. Thomas the Falconer, here to train a ramage hawk (half-wild falcon), is caught up in the drama. The body count rises, pitting him against the most dangerous foe he has ever faced.

The Ramage Hawk is the third novel in the popular series, The Thomas the Falconer Mysteries. Set in Elizabethan England, it features keen-eyed falconer-cum-sleuth Thomas Finbow, who serves wealthy Berkshire knight Sir Robert Vicary.

‘Pilkington’s third Thomas the Falconer historical offers a real treat. This tale gives an authentic sense of Elizabethan life’s visceral side with all its lawlessness and brutality, including a climactic battle.’ (Publisher’s Weekly)

‘Pilkington’s latest in this well-liked series offers authentic period detail, swashbuckling adventure, intriguing characters and a page-turner of a story.’ (Booklist)

‘a truly fine historical series’ (Library Journal)

The Ramage Hawk is now republished by Sharpe Books on kindle and is available in audio-book.

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