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The River Nymph

Anne Lovett

Category: Drama, Romance

A fleeting glimpse of a girl bathing brings love at first sight. But will they ever meet again?

Georgia, 1924. Fourteen-year-old Tenny is determined to change her fate. After running away from bleak prospects to a tiny town, she fights to find a respectable place to stay. But with scant belongings and little money, she’s soon battling for survival in a world of dangerous men.

Pete could never forget the vision of the pretty girl he saw washing in a river. But the aspiring medical student has grand plans for his future, and pursuing the affections of the town belle is his biggest goal.

Cleverly lying her way into nursing school, Tenny’s blossoming friendship with the young doctor-in-training ends in heartbreak when he marries another woman. But after Pete’s life is turned upside down with an invalid wife and a needy newborn, it’s Tenny he leans on for support.

Will their hearts turn aside, or will they take a second chance for real love?

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