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The Talbot Saga

Allie Cresswell

Category: Romance
Three book series

The Talbots: a family with a shady past, a glittering present and an uncertain future. The Talbots’ country house: a place that uncannily shares its owners’ fates. The Talbot Saga begins at the turn of the nineteenth century and follows the family and their mysteriously secluded Yorkshire home through two hundred years of British history.

In The House in the Hollow, the Talbots enter the nineteenth century as merchants made wealthy by the East India Company. Their affluence does not bring them acceptance to the Regency elite, however, and they struggle for admittance to the elegant drawing rooms of the ton. An advantageous marriage for their daughter, Jocelyn, would bring them closer to their goal, but she is caught up in a scandal and banished to Tall Chimneys, the family’s remote house in Yorkshire.

The story continues in The Lady in the Veil. Twenty years later the consequences of that affair still haunt the family. Jocelyn’s daughter, Georgina, has been brought up in the obscurity afforded by Tall Chimneys and hopes to maintain her anonymity by wearing an impenetrable veil during an enforced season in London. But the veiled lady only excites speculation and gossip, and Georgina finds herself the sensation of the 1835 season.

Tall Chimneys: A century on and the last of the Talbots, Evelyn, finds herself alone at the house, struggling to keep body and soul together as the world hurtles towards war and the era of the landed family and the stately home are consigned to history. As her ancestors before her, Evelyn discovers a curious affinity with the old house. Their fates are entwined. Will the demise of the Talbots mean the end of Tall Chimneys?

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